Setup WP Super Cache Plugin and Optimize Your Blog

Setup WP Super Cache Plugin and Optimize Your BlogWants to Optimize and increase the speed of WordPress Blog, Install WP Super Cache Plugin. Google actually uses “site speed” as one of it’s ranking factors. So Today, I am going to tell you “How to Setup WP Super Cache Plugin in WordPress?“. WP Super Cache is a WordPress plugin that generates static HTML pages from your dynamic WordPress blog.  Once static pages are generated, those pages are displayed to visitors, using less server resources than dynamic webpages.

For busy websites running WordPress, So many Hosting Companies recommends that a caching plugin, such as WP Super Cache be enabled.  This will allow your website to handle more simultaneous visitors and also typically loads much faster than without the caching plugin.

WordPress Super Cache will be installed by default with all new Fantastico WordPress installations. If you or a client wants it to be removed, that user can simply deactivate it in their wp-admin/ directory.

Install and Setup WP Super Cache Plugin:


  • You can also instal this plugin from WordPress Dashboard. In the WordPress dashboard, under plugins click on Add New and in the search box type WP Super Cache and you can install this plugin easily by clicking on Install link beside the plugin title.

[Note: Following are the Enetblog's Suggested steps. Please complete all four (4) steps to use the suggested settings. Click on Images to see in Large View.]

Step 1. Set General SettingsHow to Setup WP Super Cache Plugin in WordPress?

On “Advanced” tab:

  • Check box next to “Cache hits to this website…”
  • Select button next to “Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files”
  • Check box next to “Compress Pages”
  • Check box next to “304 Not Modified browser caching”
  • Check box next to “Don’t cache pages for known users”
  • “Cache rebuild” & “Extra homepage checks” should already be checked, leave them that way.
  • Select “Update Status” button.


Step 2. Set Mod_Rewrite Rules

Then, scroll down and select “Update Mod_Rewrite Rules” in the yellow box.


Step 3. Set Garbage Collection

Scroll down to “Expiry Time & Garbage Collection” and enter “3600″ in the box, then select “Change Expiration”

Then Click On “Change Expiration” Button

Step 4. Set Rejected User Agents

It is recommended that you do not remove the default user agents from the list, to prevent bots from caching content and pages not normally seen by your visitors.

And you’re done ! After you’re done with all the settings told above, you’ve successfully installed and configured WP Super Cache plugin for best settings. If you’re facing any problem in using this plugin, drop me an email at enetblog.in[at]gmail.com

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One Response to "Setup WP Super Cache Plugin and Optimize Your Blog"

  1. Hardik says:

    Hi mate i have some queries related to this plugin.

    1) Once i install and enable this plugin how to enable gzip compression ?
    2) what about the stats plugin like jetpack and google analytics ..will it work properly with respect to online viewers and average time on the site spend. will it give accurate information?
    3) Is wp-views plugin compatible ?

    Thanks and Indeed ur site very informative. :)

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