Top Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tips

Top Adobe Photoshop CS6 TipsImages and photos are reminders of beautiful moments and leave back lovable memories. So why don’t you add some of your creative thinking to give more life to it and make it cherished. The newly released Adobe Photoshop CS6 is believed to unravel a myriad of editing opportunities and astounding applications to the tech savvy designers and photographers. It comes with really enhanced capabilities to make your pictures stand apart from others. It has a darker interface which distinguishes the actual image from the background and adds some mystifying magic to it. The reformed user interface, auto recovery, auto correct, background save and the advanced Mercury Graphics Engine ensures high performance. Here are some tips to help you get started with the promising Adobe Photoshop CS6 software.


  1. Content Aware Move is a tool that allows you to move and replace any object or image to different positions. The best thing is that you can also create multiple illustrations of the same object. To get excellent results when you crop and correct images using this software, you have to click on “Expand” in the quick selection tool and choose the default 5 pixel option for getting sharper images.
  2. Now you can reorganize the entire tool menu using the new automated Add Contact Sheet II available in Photoshop CS6.
  3. You have always wanted to bring that exquisite look to your images by making changes to the contrast, brightness, color dynamics and size. Now you can spruce up your pictures using the modern CS6 brushes. You can increase the size of the CS6 brush up to 5000 pixels and have better control over the color contrast per stroke while compared to the per tips function in the previous one.
  4. Have you ever experienced any clutter (unwanted files or layers) like history panel which obstructs your vision to images? You have to go to the Preferences toolbar and click on the Auto-Hide Iconic panel. It is all that very simple! The Photoshop CS6’s program is designed in such a way that it deletes the other layers instead of merely disabling the icons. The interface is very much user friendly and you will not face any hurdle viewing your images.
  5. The revamped Camera Raw option is all meant to impress you. It has great adjustment capabilities with the in-built shadows and contrast slider. You can brighten or set contrast to the desired level for an imported raw camera file or JPG image without altering the details. By moving the slider left, you can darken the image and brighten up by sliding right. You can avoid the Camera Raw option and directly open the image file in Photoshop if you wish not to make any changes.

So here is your turn to express your creativity and add visual appeal to your images with the Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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