Google Android Apps Now Available from GetJar

Android apps except for Honeycomb are completely open for any manufacturer to use as they please, but Google’s apps — Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Books, etc. — are closed and only available for Google’s Android partners to use. Of course, people who are loading alternative ROMs on their Android devices know where to get the Google apps to install them. However, as of today, it seems that GetJar, one of the alternatives to the Android Market, has all of the Google apps available for download! If you do a search for “Google Inc” on GetJar, you’ll see them all.

Google Android Apps Now Available from GetJar

It’s not quite clear how GetJar got access to these apps. A quick glance at GetJar’s blog didn’t offer any explanation. These apps aren’t even available in the Android Market! It’s additionally baffling since Google’s closed apps require tweaks to the Android system framework in order to work properly (those of you who have installed other ROMs on your Android devices know this). However, Jerry from Android Central tried both Google Music and YouTube, and both apps seemed to work fine. I’m curious whether devices that specifically do not have access to the Android Market would be able to properly load these apps? If you try this out on such a device, let us know in the comments.

SOURCE: Android Central

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