New Features Added in Aakash Tablet 2 Named Ubislate 7+

Aakash Tablet 2 with New Features Named Ubislate 7+

A new version of Aakash tablet is going to be launched this year. Initially the Aakash tablet was launched but the India government which is developed by the Datawind Company of UK. Now Datawind thought of selling the tablet by its own. So the new version of Aakash is from the Datawind itself , not by the Indian Government.

New version of Akash called ubislate 7+ which is from the developers of Aakash, so we are calling it Aakash 2. It  brings with all the features of Aakash Tablet 1 along with some new features.  It has the GPRS facility in it as well as we can use it as a phone. If we are not satisfied with the 2G then there is an option for converting it into 3G. We can also make use of the Pen Drives , Dongles , External Keyboards along with the support for other peripherals.

Ubislate 7+ has the following features :New Features Added in Aakash Tablet 2 Named Ubislate 7+

  1. Android 2.3 operating system.
  2. Wi-Fi Internet facility along with the GPRS functionality.
  3. Mobile phone and Sim functionality.
  4. Expanded memory to 32GB
  5. Supports the use of Pen drives , dongles and other peripheral devices.
  6. Educational software along with near about 150,000 apps.
  7. HD quality video.
  8. Available at the price rate of 2900
  9. Touch screen capacity.
  10. It has 700 MHz Cortex A8 processor.

Along with these functionality the new Tablet brings new hope in the hearts of Indian students. It has been upgraded in every field than its previous version. It has the better battery backup of about 3 hrs and its has the better functionality than the previous version of Aakash. It supports the PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF multimedia and image display ,along with  MP3, AAC, AC3, WAV, WMA supported audio formats ,  MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, FLV are the supported video formats.

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