Indian Government On The Way To Ban Facebook And Google

Indian Government take strict step today against the Facebook and Google for not removing the blasphemous material from there site which was considered offensive by the Indian people. Last year Delhi high court warn Google and Facebook to remove offensive web pages from their sites otherwise they will block the sites like China. However, the companies give the rude response by saying that they cannot develop method to monitor the obscene material.

Indian Government On The Way To Ban Facebook And GoogleEverybody knows that Facebook is the most leading social networking site in India. More than 39 million people are using the social networking sites today. So it is not wrong to say that Facebook’s growth might be determined by the Indian people. Because of the lot of use of social media Indian government is not agree with the offensive material that is shown by these social networking sites.

However the Delhi high court is adjourned until August for the petitions by Google and Facebook against showing the objectionable material by them. Facebook and Google also said on there part that however their contents are not violating any conditions and terms but if it is objectionable in any country then those material is banned for the users of that country.

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