Google made it easy to Track the Status of your DMCA Complaints

Thinks about, What if a 3rd party website starts copy your very own web content. For example your copyright text, photographs, graphics or something else your without permission and also ignores your repeated requests or warnings to get rid off stolen content from their websites.

The only option to file a DMCA complaint with Google to get your stolen content removed from Google search engine results and if the other website is using Google Ads to monetize “your” content also to AdSense.

Google made it easy to Track the Status of your DMCA Complaints

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Google has provided with the facility to made it extremely simple and easy to file DMCA complaints. They launched a very easy online forms for reporting copyright infringement on Google properties like Blogger, AdSense, YouTube and Web Search and you dont need to have a legal background to lodge the requests like this.

After you file DMCA complaints a DMCA Dashboard is also provided by Google where you can simply track your DMCA complaints status.

After your complaint is accepted, Google will get rid off the relevant resulted pages of the offending site from Google search results and to make the compaint public google will also forward a copy of your DMCA notice to the Chilling Effects website for future records.

As the DMCA dashboard, part of the Google Webmasters website. So it only works with the websites that are registered with Google webmaster tools. DMCA Complaint tracker only tracks complaints that are related to Google Search.

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