Facebook App for Android – A Review

Facebook App for Android - A ReviewBlogging is a popular activity that many of us fancy these days. Blogs have become a medium to voice our thoughts and interests easily. You can receive comments to know what other people think of your ideas or post comments in others blog as well. This simply means your friends circle expands and there you can have a steady flow of traffic to your blog. Yet another way to promote your blog and to attract more traffic is with the help of social networking websites such as Facebook.

Blogs and Facebook

Facebook is a very good platform to build social relationships and to be constantly in touch with friends. Millions of people connect with each other every day on Facebook and this is indeed a great way to publicize and market your blog. Facebook links to people who share similar interests and in this way you are able to make new friends and stay connected all the time. In recent years, this is made much simpler with the use of Facebook applications.

With Facebook becoming a significant social utility more and more people are turning towards the apps which gives much wider aspect of Facebook. There are number of apps to make your experience much more interesting and occupying. These apps can be accessed on your phone, tablet and of course on your computer. Apps come in different flavors to suit any type of operating systems. Facebook apps for Android make it easier to stay connected and share with friends on your handheld device.

Android Platform for Apps

Android is a powerful operating system and with it comes the Android market that has integrated numerous Facebook apps. The apps on your Android device has made life more comfortable and advanced. Facebook app on Android is one of the fastest, easiest ways to find your way on the web. You can access Facebook through your Android phone or any other compatible device with amazing ease and convenience. Android is one of the most powerful platforms that can support numerous apps.

Facebook App for Android - Screenshot

Highlights of Facebook app for Android

The new Facebook app for Android has lot more to offer that its predecessor. The updated version is quicker and much easier to navigate around the app. Check out the new Facebook app on the online software store -Android market to feel the magic. Some of the notable changes in the user interface of the new release:

  • Share photos and videos much faster. It gets better every time and much easier to view and share photos. You can now quickly get eyeshot of your friend’s latest photos and videos with the help of a photo reel at the bottom, view comments and edit captions on the go.
  • Text, message, chat with your friends and share status updates instantly from your home page. Get messages on top along with the notifications displayed on top of your screen. Post status updates and stay in touch with friends without leaving the current page.
  • With a side menu you can quickly access your News Feed, games, and search for friends easily. The new left-hand menu offers access to those features that you use the most instantly.

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