Features and Advantages of an Android Mobile Monitoring App

Monitoring an Android phone has many advantages and at the core of such spy apps is the need to ascertain the truth or to keep someone safe. For instance parents can use spy apps to monitor their children’s Android phones and keep them safe from harm. Employers can use these apps to ensure that their employees are not misusing the office cell phones. Indeed, there are plenty of usage areas for such Android Mobile monitoring apps. Technological advancements have also brought about many sophisticated spy apps. Here are a few of the leading apps:Features and Advantages of an Android Mobile Monitoring App


This phone monitoring software has been in the market for quite some time now and promises swift installation and easy functionality for its users. Its features include call interception, scanning logs of the phone vis a vis phone calls, video calls and text messages. The FlexiTRACK feature offers SIM change notification. Call durations can also be monitored and this applies to outgoing and incoming calls. It can also allow the phone to be used as a bugging device. With online access to the phone’s usage, the user of the app can also download all such logs and records.


This spy software also has most of the features of normal Android monitoring apps. Features such as real time and historical location tracking make this an ideal spy app. It can monitor contact details. It can also be turned on secretly from a remote location thereby enabling audio surveillance. The user can also conduct a phone wipe in case of theft of the phone.

Mobile Spy:

This app works by installing a program on the Android phone which starts recording calls and other logs. It can be downloaded instantly and then used to monitor the phone calls and location of the phone as well.

Mobile Nanny

From the creators of Spy Mobile comes Mobile Nanny which allows checking into the calls made and received on an Android phone and also of pictures taken on the phone. All of which are important for the safety of the user of the phone.

Advantages of the Android monitoring apps:

  1. Stealthy – these apps run silently and the phone user will not come to know that they have been installed.
  2. Ease of installation – the creators of the Android monitoring apps have made them extremely easy to install and by visiting the website and going through just a few steps after purchase, one can get the app up and running.
  3. Ease of use – physical access to the phone is needed while downloading any of these apps but once it has been installed reading and monitoring the phone is extremely easy and does not need repeat access to the phone.
  4. Safety of loved ones – children can fall prey to cyber predators and even make the mistake of texting while driving and these apps provide a parent with the tools needed to protect their loved ones.
  5. Security of business – preventing misuse of phone privileges and official vehicles are possible with monitoring apps.
  6. Help in emergencies – calls made from the users in some emergency situations can be tracked down easily and help can be delivered quickly.
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