Black Ink Thrown at Baba Ramdev’s Face

NEW DELHI: A man threw black ink on the face of yoga guru Baba Ramdev as he was holding a press conference on black money and corruption at the Constitutional Club here on Saturday. A nonplussed Ramdev remarked later, “What have I done to deserve this?”

The offender was caught and roughed up by Ramdev’s supporters. He was repeatedly slapped and he bled from the mouth.

Reacting after the incident, Ramdev said he had asked for the black money being returned to the country and instead got black ink.

“Those who fight for truth have to pay the price. We are fighting to get black money back to the country and instead I got black ink…What did I do to deserve this?” Ramdev said to reporters later.

“This incident wont’ affect me. We will continue to fight against the odds, come what may,” he added.

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