Important Google Backlinks Factors

Important factors must considered while getting Backlinks

I know you want to build backlinks to your website as soon as possible but before actually starting to do it there are few things you should know because it matters so much in the quality of the links you will get. So keep reading because these aspects can make the difference from 1st page Google rankings and page 20 (and count on me on this as I have been in both situations)

Important Google Backlinks Factors

Important Google Backlinks Factors

Link Velocity:

Also called link acquisition, link velocity is something that you need to be aware of and it forms part of having a natural link profile.

Link velocity and is most apparent with new websites. Site owners go mad building links through press releases, campaigns etc that bring them in a quick amount of links. However, that volume of links quickly peaks, and then just as quickly as it grows, it falls back down to its “natural” level, which is usually virtually no new links being grown naturally.

This is something you need to be aware of, as an extreme growth and fall pattern can lead to you being scrutinized and possibly penalized if the search engine finds you have been building lots of those links manually. In other words, as the links drop off, the buildup of momentum to the site drops. As this momentum drops, so your pages will steadily rank lower and lower.

This partly explains why people talk of Google having a “sandbox” for new sites, where there is an initial spurt up the SERP’s, and then rather than staying there, their site drops like a stone despite having lots of links to the site, before eventually settling in its “natural” position.

So when you build your links, plan for continual growth. Build by varied means, continually and at a similar rate each day/week/month. Take things to the next level only as your site grows in stature and can sustain a permanent “jump” in the SERP’s as it grows in authority and trust with the search engine, topics we are going to cover next.

Link Relevance:

Constant growth of new links, mixed with new on-site content also helps to build a sites topical relevance. Consider, if you started a site 10 years ago, but it has had no updated content or fresh links to it for 8 years, how relevant is that site likely to be now in the eyes of a search engine? Building your topical relevance through anchor text Link building and fresh content on-site will also mean that your site becomes linked to a widening number of related search terms. Stats suggest that up to 50% of internet searches are completely new, but over time as other people do  the  same searches, or variations on them, they become  associated within certain broader topics. Ensuring your site remains topically relevant through its onsite and off-site growth, will help your site to benefit from these new search phrase relationships as they are discovered and developed.

Eventually your site may gain enough topical relevance to be seen as a topical authority resource. Most other sites in your niche will by that stage be linking to your  authoritative  content.  This  is  at  the  center  of  the  “natural  linkbuilding” ideology advocated by Google.

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